Company NameTokai Bio, Ltd.


Business Summary:

1.Waste disposal business Compost organic waste

Scrap wood, grass Animal and plant residues, food residue

2.Agricultural and civil engineering

Felling Land clearing Farmland development Bio-compost manufacturing

3.Environmental improvement consultant

Foul odor improvement

4.Manufacturing of Bio-compost at the waste site

Waste disposal facility design

5.Manufacturing and sales of Bio-compost


Established: February 2000


Capital: 9 million JPY


Annual Sales: 389 million JPY (2015)


Address: 2-247 Osashima, Ena city, Gifu, JAPAN


President: Yoshinao Tsuge


Principal Customers:

Ministry of Land, Infrastracture, Transport and Tourism

National Government Park

Food companies

Power utility companies

General contractors

Vegetable farmers

Private sectors


Number of Employees: 10




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