February 1998

Afforestation experiment of Mt. Unzen-Fugen. Tokai Bio’s “Organic Bio-Fertilizer©” gained attention by successfully enabling tree planting at the mountainous site.


February 2000

Establishment of Tokai Bio, Ltd.


May 2000

Began bio-composting mowed weeds along riverside (26,000 m3/year)


December 2000

Began fertilizing treatment of driftwood from torrential rain disaster in Southern Ena


May 2003

Launched Tsukechi Biomass Center


November 2003

Began fertilizing technique consultation to Wakaba Foods, Corp. in Ginan Town, Gifu


December 2003

Delivered 3,500t of bio-compost to the World Rose Garden at Gifu Prefecture Flower Festival Commemorative Park


May 2006

Provided free organic fertilizer at the National Festival of Tree Planting


March 2008

Began foul odor and environmental improvement project


June 2009

Began raw sewage and sludge fertilization project in Ena city


September 2009

Presented our case studies at R09 International Conference


February 2010

Restoration project of deserted cultivated land in Fukuroi city, Shizuoka Prefecture (60,000 m2)


March 2010

Initialized bio-compost manufacturing at Kiso Sansen National Park


March 2012

Registration approval of our new innovative technology, “Method to fertilize organic waste at its original site,” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)


July 2014

Provided 20t of organic fertilizer to Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture (one of the disaster-stricken areas of the Tohoku Earthquake)


June 2015

Began Food Debris Model 3R Demonstration Project with the Ministry of Environment


April 2016

Signed the Treaty of Disaster Agreement with Ena city


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