Redeveloping deserted cultivated land into farmland has become a national problem in Japan. We can provide the following services to reduce such problem:


  1. Cut overgrown trees, bamboos and weeds above ground
  2. Dispose roots, rocks, boulders and other underground obstacles
  3. Improve soil for cultivated lands and farmlands





Tokai Bio’s BSR system innovatively reduces the usual cost to redevelop deserted cultivated land into farmland by half. Agricultural business for small companies will see a drastic improvement upon implementing our BSR system. The following 2 simple factors play a major role in the improvement:


  1. The organic waste from felled trees, bamboos, and weeds are biologically fertilized at deserted cultivated land. As a result, waste disposal and shipping cost become unnecessary.
  2. Purchasing fee for soil improvement fertilizer and other costs will be minimal, or none.


Unlike the conventional farmland redevelopment, the bacteria developed by our company will biodegrade and fertilize organic waste in one process, and the fertilizer can be applied as soil ameliorant.


In addition, our BSR system works well with the existing soil because the system uses trees and weeds that originally existed at the deserted cultivated land. We also received wonderful reviews about the harvested crops from our customers’ renewed farmland.


For instance, we were able to save 80 million yen in cost by recycling the cut trees and other overgrown plants at a mountainous site where we developed a farmland. This is a significant financial merit for clients who wish to create farmland.


Soil is very sensitive, so crops will not grow well if soil and soil ameliorant are not compatible. It is common knowledge that the sole use of artificial fertilizer is not the best method to grow crops. The functionality of the microorganisms applied to our BSR system reinforces the compatibility with soil.


Our BSR system reduces the cost to redevelop deserted cultivated land to farmland by half, and this will surely become a dream system for the government and agricultural corporations.


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