Tokai Bio’s Effective Microorganisms


AS-2 Bacillus sp

Its viscous agent around the outer cells allows for soil’s water retention characteristics. It also performs proteolysis for livestock manure.


AS-4 Bacillus sp

Efficiently decomposes non-biodegradable, fibrous substance such as lignin, cellulose, pectin, and etc.


AS-16 Bacillus sp

Thermophilic deodorizing bacteria which produce phytohormone such as cytokinin, and also decompose fat.


AS-20 Bacillus sp

Thermophilic bacteria that decompose fibrous elements such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and etc.


AS-32 Bacillus sp

Produce amino acid and vitamins


AS-33 Pseudomonas sp

Decompose fibrous elements such as lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, glucan, mannan, and etc.


AS-221 Pichia sp

Solubilize insoluble nutrients such as phosphor, iron, magnesium, and etc. by masking aromatic elements like yeast fungus, deodorizing bacteria, and vitamin-forming bacteria


AS-229 Thermoactinomyces sp

Thermophilic bacteria that decompose many non-biodegradable fibrous substance, such as lignin