The final treatment for raw sewage, as well as sewage sludge, has become a difficult issue on a national level.


Ever since human waste dumping at sea was banned in 2007, its final treatment method was either by incineration or landfill disposal, both increase the treatment costs.


Tokai Bio’s BSC (Bio-Sludge Compost) system recycles sewage sludge into excellent bio-fertilizer.



Merits of BSC system:

  1. Large-scale treatment plant is unnecessary
  2. Initial cost is irresistibly low
  3. Restores bio-fertilizer with minimum odor


Reduction of raw sewage and human excrement into farmland is not a new idea. In fact, it was a widely practiced ecosystem in Japan until mid-19th century. (Edo period)


Unfortunately, sludge that are treated by heat or large-scale plants have bad odor even after fertilization. Also, the fertilizer produced by these treatment methods are known to use ingredients “too strong” for agricultural scenes and are difficult to manage, and therefore unpopular.


It is not uncommon for the plant maker to retrieve the leftover fertilizer.


On the other hand, the Bio-Sludge fertilizer produced by our BSC system has the following qualities:

  1. Reduces odor (leaf mold smell)
  2. Not as strong as a fertilizer (suitable for entry-level farmers; can be used with ease)
  3. Soil improvement effect (Bio-bacteria enrich the quality of soil)


Our Bio-Sludge Compost sample is available upon inquiry.


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